How long do you play for?

We typically play 2 sets with a half hour break between, totalling 4 hours (including the break).

Do you include ceilidh?

We usually intersperse a few ceilidh dances in the set and of course it includes dance calling if required. We can include a Grand March if you require it, but equally if you do not want any ceilidh that’s fine too.

What music do you play and can you do special requests?

We play a wide range of songs and dances – popular songs range from 1950s to present day. We don’t prepare a fixed set list as we continually refresh our extensive repertoire, but the music we play on your night will be largely determined by audience reactions. If a particular style is going down well we cater to that accordingly. Unfortunately it would be impractical for us to offer to play anything you’d like, but we’d be happy to include your favourite track(s) on the interval playlist which is on the p.a. during the buffet break – just let us know in advance.

Can you play our 1st dance for us?

If your favourite special song is in our repertoire we’d be more than happy to play it live for you. It would be impossible for us to take individual requests for every wedding, but we’d be happy to play your favourite version of any song over the p.a. for you before launching into the evening’s festivities.

Are you playing anywhere soon that we could come and hear you play?

We are a busy function band so will be playing most weekends. When you enquire about booking us we’ll send you a list of upcoming dates and venues so you can pop along if you wish. The vast majority of these will be other weddings, but it’s a kind of unwritten rule that you can usually just sneak in discreetly at the back once festivities are under way – after all, every couple has been through the organization process and the formal parts of the day will now be well and truly over. We usually recommend around 9pm as a good time to come along, as things will be in full swing by then and you can always catch us at the break if you have any questions (we’ll usually be found lurking around somewhere outside…).

What deposit do you take when booking?

We don’t require a deposit to secure your booking. Once we’ve received your enquiry, if we’re available for your event we’ll send you a link to our booking form, which includes our terms and conditions and serves as your contract. As soon as we receive that back from you the booking is confirmed.

How and when do we pay you?

We accept cash on the day or a bank transfer any time up to a week before your wedding if you prefer not to carry that amount of cash on the day itself. We can also accept a cheque up to a week before if necessary – please let us know if you wish to pay by bank transfer/cheque and we’ll send you the necessary payee details.

Do you have any electrical/equipment requirements?

We bring our own professional p.a. sound and lighting sufficient for most venues (if you plan on booking the AECC you will need to hire additional personnel and equipment!). Ideally we need access to 4 or more electrical sockets to power the band equipment. In difficult circumstances we can manage with less, but an absolute minimum of 2 wall sockets are essential to avoid overloading of electrical circuits.

What times do you play?

This can vary from wedding to wedding, but we are usually booked from 8pm-12midnight, 8.30pm-12.30am or 9pm-1am. Please bear in mind that if we are booked to play from 8-12 but are unable to start at 8pm due to the room still being in use for your meal we would still aim for a 12 o’clock finish. We always arrive around an hour before the time we are booked to allow for setting up which can take 30-45 minutes depending on the venue.

What time do you take your break and for how long?

This varies depending on what time your buffet/tea/coffee etc is served, and is guided by the venue and/or caterers prior to the start of the 1st set. It’s usually very roughly half way through but we will adjust the set to fit accordingly. Our favourites are stovies, bacon rolls, pies, sausage rolls etc. etc…

What if we need to cancel?

We understand that under some circumstances it may be necessary to cancel your booking. However, once a booking has been secured we will be turning away other couples for that date, so we would unfortunately need to ask for a payment to compensate for lost bookings which may happen as a result. The amount required would vary depending on how far in advance your cancellation occurs. These are the amounts we would need to ask for:
(a) notice of four weeks or less – 100% of the Fee
(b) notice of more than four weeks but not more than 8 weeks – 75% of the Fee
(c) notice of more than 8 weeks but not more than 12 weeks – 50% of the Fee
(d) notice of more than 12 weeks – 25% of the Fee